6 Ways to Save On Your Kitchen Renovations


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Are considering to carry out renovations in your kitchen? One of the discouraging things about it is the escalating costs, which can go so high. But how do you save on kitchen renovations cost? If you want to avoid costs shooting through the roof, the following are some of the things you should consider doing:

Use ready-to-assemble cabinets

One of the items with the biggest amount of the kitchen renovation budget is a new cabinet. If you opt for a custom cabinet, you will end up paying much more for it. After all, it has to be designed to be an exact fit for your space. Other aspects that escalate the cost include period styles, delivery time, ornate details, and exotic wood.

To save on the costs, it is better if you just went with a ready-to-assemble cabinet. That will cost you almost half the cost of a custom cabinet. In most cases, ready-to-assemble cabinets are DIY affairs but you might have to hire a contractor in some cases. 4 Remodeling Ideas for an Old Bathroom

Keep the existing cabinets

Are the existing cabinets good enough in terms of quality and style? Why don’t you consider resurfacing them? You can easily have a new kitchen by applying paint where it is needed. While it will cost you much less, painting should be done in the right way to give you the best finish.

Where possible, use open shelving

With open shelving, you will be able to save money even as you make the space interesting. To drive the cost even lower, you might want to use painted planks or salvaged wood from the hardware store. Here, you can display the dishes you use on a daily basis – the type that won’t spend a lot of time gathering dust. But that doesn’t mean you should do away with the existing cabinets. You need them to store other types of appliances.

Alternative materials for the countertops

For the countertops, you might want to use stone, tiles, concrete, recyclable materials, or solid surfaces. The most popular is granite. It can, however, escalate the overall costs to a great extent, given that it costs so much per square foot. You may want to use more than one surface. With that, you can pay much less than you would by exclusively using granite.

Keeping appliances in their place

Are you changing your cabinets? Consider maintaining the positions for the electrical sockets and mechanics for your appliances. Moving these would mean cutting through the walls, floor, and ceiling. It seems like a small process but which can lead to a huge rise in the costs of renovation. So keep your appliances right where they are.

Use a cut-out and not total wall removal

Are you one of those homeowners who prefer an open floor plan to the extent of getting rid of removing the walls between your living room and kitchen? You can’t just remove a wall though. You must bear in mind if it is load bearing and whether it contains electric wires, water pipes, and venting. Rerouting these can cost you a decent amount. The same applies to the repairs that would have to be done on the ceiling and other walls, thereafter. It is much better if you opted for a cut-out.

Are you still going ahead with your kitchen renovations? Make sure you do everything to save on the costs.

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